Life brings surprises. NYC Buses running during a blizzard? Someone playing a grand piano in Washington Square?

It’s always a surprise to find out where my NYC neighbors are from. Brooklyn, Boston, Tokyo and Tehran… and that’s just one floor of a NYC apartment building.

NYC harbor used to be abundant with oysters. The streets were paved with pulverized shells for 200 years. If you want to surprise yourself with a good non-fiction book, read The Big Oyster.

Oysters are one of my passions. That slimy slap of seafood goes against everything I consider okay about food. I understand if you find them repugnant. Then again, if you’ve never tried, you can’t imagine the surprising taste levels you will encounter.

My 2 oyster rules that surprisingly, I never break, are:

1. Eat oysters ONLY in months with an ‘R.’ (This is Boston teaching – I misspent my youth there.) Non-farmed oysters are ‘hatching’ during the late spring and summer. FYI, most oysters are now “farmed.” I am not certain what my opinion is.
2. Eat only local. Why a Pacific Ocean oyster that took 72 hours to get on a plate in a NYC restaurant? I will never have oysters in Chicago.

Oysters keep water clean! Many East Coast cities are now re-building oyster beds to clean up their harbor water.

Surprise friends and lovers with heart-shaped brownies!

Check out your surprising February.

The Witch
Stay sweet and surprise someone you love with a Valentine.