Happy 2018! 🍾

December was a busy month at Fat Witch Bakery. We baked, packaged and shipped brownies 20 hours a day. It was grand! ❤️

We were busy, so I wasn’t able to get out-of-town. However, I shared dirty martini’s (several times) with my favorite NYC neighbors. I brought the vodka (Tito’s) and the nabes provided olives and snacks. Good fences might make good neighbors, but I think good vodka does it better.

You have to be better than I am at keeping New Year resolutions. I usually cave by January 7th and go back to old habits. Unabashedly I say, I own a bakery, not a spa. That being said, I am pledging to make a unique combo of fruits and vegetables meal every month.

This is my January salute to sweet and savory.

I LOVE acorn squash. I’m not certain if it’s because of the depth of flavor and/or because it’s the perfect vehicle for butter. I was inspired by (I took out the bread crumbs and added more butter) a recipe from James McNair’s SQUASH cookbook. It came out in 1989, so it might be out-of-print.

FYI, Mr. McNair put crispy fried bacon on top just before serving. I do not, but worth considering!

Here’s a sweet recipe to use up extra bananas!

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Best Witches for 2018! 🍾 🍸

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