Friday Family Fun on Fifth Avenue

There’s more to Manhattan than celebrity chef restaurants and late night bar scenes. Activities for families are in abundance.

If you are in NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll soon discover the Macy’s Day Parade overtakes the morning of Thanksgiving. Watch it on TV is my family’s mantra. We roast a turkey and do the traditional sides, including stuffing from The Silver Palette Cookbook.

On Black Friday  (November 24) our Chelsea Market store will be open 9am to 9pm. If you are anything like my group, you might be more in the mood for walking than shopping. We like to stroll down Fifth Avenue starting at 110th Street, the top of Central Park. Not only is the “hike” delightful on a crisp November morning, but the Museum of the City of New York is at 104th Street.

If you choose to skip the NYC focus, try the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. The entrance to the Cooper-Hewitt is on East 91st Street. It’s FREE. If for nothing else, the Beaux Art architecture is worth the visit.

If you’re getting a bit hungry and forgot to pack snacks, the best of the best hot dog stands in Manhattan are in front of The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue from 86 to 83 Streets. And the museum ain’t bad either, but will be crowded. If The Met is a must-do-destination for you, I suggest going in the morning, skipping all of the above.

My group usually ventures into Central Park around 72nd Street and walks down The MALL. No, not a shopping center, but a lovely straight line stroll connecting with the Literary Walk. I always thought this was called ‘Author’s Walk’ with statues of famous writers. I am surmising from recent online research it is now called ‘The Literary Walk.’ OKAY, OKAY.

For a small (compared to other cities), and wonderful experience, there is a zoo inside Central Park. Thank goodness the gorillas were long ago transferred to the Bronx Zoo and have more roaming room. Now there are only small animals. The entrance is to your right on 64th Street going downtown on Fifth Avenue. Yes, there is a fee to get in, but if you don’t want to pay, you can peek at the seal pool and get a sense of urban wild animal-viewing.

Check out how wickedly sweet your November will be!

Don’t forget to bake!

Best Witches,
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