My Summer Vacation

I love looking at other people’s photo albums. If you’re not in the travel-log-gazing group, forgive this blog about my August vacation. I was with family on the Oregon coast. We rented a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Sunsets were spectacular!

Everyone helped cooking meals. There was never a complaint about what was served. Why is dinner prepared by someone else more delicious?

This Witch managed to get Chinook salmon at $16 per pound. I promise I was not an ugly New Yorker! Honestly, I would have paid more. The first photo is of our dinner just off the boat in the Port of Garibaldi just before filleting. It was the best salmon I’ve ever had. We grilled it with a little butter and a little dill. WHOA!

We are an old-fashioned group. Evenings were filled with Scrabble and the card game Nerts kids vs adults (BTW, kids won most of the time).

We took a steam engine train along the coast. A nice #tickettoride, but I was glad we booked the shortest time. Definitely worth doing!

Crabbing on Tillamook Bay was a great adventure! We added the take to an okonomiyaki dinner. Absolutely fantastic!

I always have a READING LIST and especially when on vacation. My books run the gamut from smart to sassy to strictly entertainment. Here’s what I read while on the Oregon Coast:

Check out your September!
And don‘t forget to bake.

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