Harlem is the most musical part of Manhattan! Duke Ellington’s Take the A Train is one of many songs that pay tribute to this ultra-interesting neighborhood of NYC.

The Apollo Theatre is still going strong.

Always on my go-to-list is Studio Museum of Harlem. Exhibits are well-curated and every show is interesting. I love a good museum gift shop and this one is terrific.

Across the street from Studio Museum of Harlem is my favorite statue, Adam Clayton Powell. I particularly love it after a snowfall…the flakes adorn his coat-tails. Will take a photo next winter.

When you walk around Harlem, you can’t help but notice the community gardens on almost every block. The most fantastic is Harlem Grown with 10 ‘farms’ in Harlem. Produce such as stevia, cabbage, and strawberries are free when ripe. This is a great concept. Fat Witch will be working with them in the near future.

Baking dessert is easy when you use one of my recipes.

YOUR August with a look at Harlem brownstones: Witchscopes.

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  1. Hi Patricia!
    Just had to tell you I saw the “Citizen Jane” movie at the weekend. I think the message is universal but the sad thing is that the same mistakes keep being made…. Love the Harlem statues!

    1. Hi Jane, Jane Jacobs is a legend for good reason. Her struggles empowered others to fight the good fight. The statues are indeed an overlooked part of the cityscape. Thanks for commenting.

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