Summer in the HOT City

NYC is hot during the summer. Temperatures are in the high 80s or low 90s. However, there are a lot of cool things to do! Many locals have departed the city, so consider this time of the year an invitation to enjoy everything with fewer peeps.

Recent controversy might have you wanting to see a FREE live performance of Shakespeare in the Park. The Julius Caesar production ended June 18, but A Midsummer’s Night Dream starts in mid-July. Always a delight!

If you do venture to Central Park for theatre or hike in what we New Yorkers call ‘nature,’ the Neue Galerie is nearby. Leaving Central Park on the east side, it is across Fifth Avenue on 86th Street.

Neue Galerie is a small museum with a restaurant that serves late breakfast, lunch and early dinner. Glimpse some of Klimt’s work and enjoy a meal at Café Sabarsky with the few locals still in Manhattan. Of course, the Austrian pastries are divine.

How about going to the CHELSEA area of Manhattan? It will be hot, and you won’t find much shade, but a stroll on the High Line is a must.

I am not suggesting the High Line because the 10th Avenue & 14th Street exit winds up a short block away from Chelsea Market.

Fat Witch Bakery is inside Chelsea Market!

I’m suggesting the High Line because this elevated track is a unique experience and FREE.

The High Line might not have happened. 20 years ago, the neighborhood bigwigs wanted this railway torn down! We are lucky the powerful did NOT prevail.

Inside Chelsea Market, Num Pang is great for a grab-and-go Cambodian sandwich. My favorite is Ginger BBQ Brisket. Sloppy, greasy and oh so delicious.

Nearby on Hudson Street, Brunetti is a great place for a late afternoon appetizer or dinner. The lobster pizza with squid ink crust is fantastic. Good selection of wines also!

A cool thing to bake (not much baking time) is my lemon/grapefruit bar.

Check out what the stars say about your July.

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