Tokyo 2017

I returned from Japan 3 weeks ago. Some of my family came with me this trip and we had a great time. We started in Tokyo. Truth be told, I am intimidated by the enormity of this city.  New York has 8 million people; Tokyo is a city of over 13 million. Because it is so vast, we visited only a few places.

Of course we went to the Sky Tree. It was raining, but I was still terrified looking down from 350 meters.  Could not go near that window edge!

We took a harbor cruise of Tokyo Bay. I signed us up for the least expensive buffet dinner as I figured we would be more interested in the sights than the food. Fog blocked being able to see the Tokyo bridges and the food was terrible! This Witch does NOT recommend unless a clear, breezy, warm evening.

If you want to do another touristy thing, go to the Harajuku area, known for shopping. If the weather is nice, you will see local teenage girls on a bridge dressed as “dolls.”
The Harajuku area of Tokyo re-enforces the juxtaposition always prominent in Japanese culture: the refined and the crazy. When we were there it was raining, so no Harajuku girls.

We went instead to the Meiji Shrine, which is elegant and worth seeing. The first photo is clip art as I didn’t get a good shot of the shrine!

Scoop water over your hands to cleanse your soul like the locals. And… we were lucky to see a Shinto wedding pass by. 

On another day, we gazed at the Imperial Palace  and my favorite military sculpture  near the palace.

We took the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.  It is called the shinkansen in Japan. 200 miles per hour! Most locals go for the unreserved seats, but we had our tickets ahead of time.

I’ll write more about Osaka and Kyoto soon. I am going back to Osaka for an event mid-May.

Don’t forget to bake!

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