At Fat Witch, we bake like you do at home, just in bigger batches.

We use ingredients you can pronounce and know. BTW, we use American ingredients, from the chocolate (processed in USA) to the butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Since brownies are an original American recipe, we stay true to our base!

Baking is about precision. I was a young witch with arithmetic abilities. If you have not seen the movie, Hidden Figures — make it a priority. FYI, the first formula young Catherine Goble finished is true mathematics!

I hope you enjoy baking as much as I do. It’s why I wrote 2 cookbooks. I’ve shared what I know about baking brownies and bars as well as my personal recipes for cakes and cookies. We are doing a 2 for 1 cookbook offer on our website available until May 31. If you buy either one, you’ll get the other cookbook for free. What’s sweeter than this?

April 22 is Earth Day. At Fat Witch Bakery, we believe in working towards a clean environment. 95% of our staff takes public transportation to and from work. We are among the folks you see on NYC subways and buses.

Regarding the environment, we admit imperfection. We use some plastic bags at our store because they are stronger than paper ones. We’ve designed them to be as attractive as possible so you will keep and re-use many times. On the bottom, we remind you.

Bright Ideas is on our HOME page. Please send your green idea as we would like to illustrate and share it.

Check out what the stars predict for your April at Witchscopes.

And don’t forget to bake!

The Witch </:)
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