I walk by this  wall on my way home from my Chelsea Market store to Union Square almost every day. It reminds me why I ❤ living in NYC. I know not everything about New York is beloved. New York is not the most beautiful city in the world. Paris has that honor. And, like Parisians, we are often brusque and impolite. However, NYC has an amazing array of cultures, cuisines, languages and crafts unmatched anywhere.

Many restaurants serve fantastic cuisine in our 5 boroughs. Himalayan fusion sound interesting? Try Café Serai at Rubin Art Museum.

We have the best street hot dogs in the world. Hmmm, could folks from Copenhagen challenge this? How about calling it a tie?

There are one-of-a-kind shops: Tender Buttons is one of them. Yes, you buy buttons and just might rub elbows with a celebrity.

The most famous museums in NYC are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA, but there are others. The Firemen’s Museum is among the tiny gems worth discovering.

Party balloons get delivered.

And… we protect our mail!

Read about YOUR February.

And, don’t forget to bake for your sweethearts.

Enjoy winter!
The Witch </:)
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2 thoughts on “❤ NYC”

  1. You really have postal police??? I especially enjoyed reading about the buttons. Thanks for another interesting post! Have a great February – I will because it contains my birthday and my 25th wedding anniversary this year!
    Cheers from Jane in Melbourne

    1. Yes, I walked by a car marked “Postal Police” and did a double-take. Tender Buttons store is amazing – every kind of button imaginable. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your anniversary! The Witch </:)

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