Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

December is always busy, but this year I managed to sneak away for 4 days to Oregon.  It was a new experience to leave baking behind and enjoy Christmas Day.  This Witch hopes to make it a tradition.

It’s a new year and here’s what’s new at Fat Witch Bakery.

Favors Page
We’ve created a FAVORs Page on our website.  Fat Witch loves being the something sweet for your special occasion.  You will need to call us, as all favors are custom.  888-41WITCH (888-419-4824).

27 Baby Magnet Box
This gift box is as magical as the 27 Baby Witches inside.  It is held together by magnets. You will be spell-bound!  Available online and in our Chelsea Market store.

Japanese Collection
Last year we opened a store in Kyoto, Japan.  In Chelsea Market in NYC, we sell Baby Witches, inspired by the Kyoto recipes, but baked in NYC.  Delicious!  Available soon on our website.

Valentine’s Day
Be a sweetheart!  Our tiny bags have been a hit (October, December), so we created a limited edition for Valentine’s Day.  Available online January 14 and in our Chelsea Market store after February 1, while supplies last.

In Japan, women give men Valentine’s sweets.  And, if you are an ex-pat, and want to send American inspired brownies, here’s where to go.  Our Kyoto store has fantastic gift boxes (available only in Japan)!

Check out YOUR January at our Witchscopes.

Here’s to the best 2017 EVER!
The Witch </:)
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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. All the best for 2017 Patricia, your new goodies sound great! Glad you managed a little down time amidst the Christmas craziness! All the best.

  2. As an ex-pat living in Japan, Its true in Japan, the women give men chocolate on Valentine’s day. But, the men return the favor on March 14th and give cookies or Candy to the women. Personally, I would rather get chocolate. What could be better than brownies?!?! Great idea those treat bags, perfect! Happy new year!

    1. Fat Witch Japan will have some special brownies for White Day, March 14th! Thanks for taking the time to write us.

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