We start thinking about Halloween early at Fat Witch. This year, during the hottest summer ever, we designed the cutest bag ever to be filled with 2 Baby Witches.
This perfectly cute treat is available online  on October 6 and in our store inside Chelsea Market while supplies last. No promises we’ll still have some if you order at the last minute.

Our partners in Japan have already done press conferences about Halloween. Fat Witch fans in Japan will be able to order a perfect gift filled with Fat Babies and have them shipped within Japan. Sorry, not available in the USA.
Costumes and make-up. What’s not to love about Halloween? Designing a costume and doing your make-up will fulfill your inner creativity. Or, save time and energy by shopping at a party store and get everything in one place, including the candy.
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At Fat Witch Bakery inside Chelsea Market, we hand out over 2,000 Fat Witch Baby treats to folks in costume every October 31. It’s fun; it’s exciting; it’s exhausting. Trick or Treat early in the day — we might run out!
The NYC Annual Halloween Parade route is worth standing behind barricades to view the fabulous costumes and groups. It‘s a fun event, but I am watching it on local TV this 31st.

I’ve been fascinated with witches since I was a girl. Was it seeing the movie, The Wizard of Oz? I loved the fact there are good witches and bad ones. Just like all of us, eh?

I’ve done a little research about why witches have green skin. No, there wasn’t neon-lime make-up 500 years ago. I think the green face came about because some women made herbal remedies that seemed magical. Obviously they would use local grasses. Since washing was not a constant long ago, their hands touched their faces and their faces got green. That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.
Whatever you plan to give out on Halloween (you are the house every kid wants to go to, right?), include some home-made baking. Even if only for the folks opening the door! Here’s what is in our recipe file this month.

Whether you are flying among them or want to know what they are saying about YOU, read what the stars say about your October.

Happy Halloween. If you’ve got it, haunt it!!
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