Start of Summer

PSST… online discount!
From 6/01/16 to 8/30/16 you can enter the code summerwitch and get a 15% discount at
I must give our webmaster a shout-out. He keeps a cool demeanor no matter what crazy ideas I propose. Thank you Steve!!!
New Gift Box
We have an exciting new 27 Baby Witch gift box in the works. Magnets will hold it all together. NIFTY! They will be available October, 2016. It’s exciting to come up with new packaging and alarming how long it takes from planning to the actual arrival of inventory.
Last month, I spent a long weekend with my friend Doug. Yep, he’s the Black & White Vegan Cookie guy in Fat Witch Bake Sale cookbook, pages 106 and 107. The highlight of the weekend was a food fundraising event where you wear an apron. I painted our aprons and we made the local news.
This month, I plan to do what I love best — curl up with a cookbook. I will be leafing through David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen. He is a good writer and was the pastry chef at Chez Panisse in California. I enjoy his blogs immensely.  I hope to make some of his recipes soon!
Read what is in the stars for you this June.

Check out this month’s Recipe File. These are GR8 cookies… perfect baking for teacher thank-you’s. recipefileMilkChocThumb_075
Happy Summer!
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