Bicycles & Flora

It’s National Bike Month!bikingmonthphoto

If a bike share program can work in New York City, it will work anywhere. This Witch goes from her Manhattan apartment in Union Square to Chelsea not on a broom, but on a bike. The cost in NYC is $155 a year. You take out a bike from a docking station for up to 45 minutes at a clip. There are also day and week passes, but make certain you re-dock every 30 minutes before overtime charges kick in.
citibike   bikepath

I occasionally have been known to yell back vulgarities to truck drivers who seem to love honking and driving very close to bikers. Riding along the Hudson River Greenway is a more leisurely experience. Everyone is polite, including me. There is a lot of flora on this biking/jogging path. Spring came late to NYC this year, so some trees were just popping out at the end of April.

hudsonbikepath3   hudsonriverbikepath1

Some of us live near an ocean, lake or river; some of us are nestled in the mountains; some live in between. Whether you put down roots in Los Angeles, Chicago or Katmandu, there are plants that flower. I’m guessing there are none in the arctic, so please don’t challenge me about “everywhere” on the planet. I am in awe of natural colors. How can you beat that yellow?  This red-orange?

floraphoto1   floraphoto2

When one goes with friends to see a play in NYC, the question is always, “Where should we go for dinner?” I recently discovered Marseille in the Theatre District in Midtown. Good food at reasonable prices. Find this nifty place on Ninth Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets.
restaurant2   Marseillecouscous

Speaking of theatre, this Witch has seen Hamilton.  It is definitely a theatrical experience not to be missed. Coming soon to a few other American cities.

Of course this Witch bought The Witch of Lime Street by David Jaher. Interesting to learn about a long-gone era!


Often there is a healthy substitute for a baking ingredient. Check out Yogurt Brownies from my Fat Witch Bake Sale cookbook.

Find out what’s in the stars for you during May.

Happy Spring!
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