Spring cleaning is universal! Toss out, tidy up, and donate gently used goods to charitable organizations. I am not certain how I accumulate so much stuff. Every other month, I take bags of clothing to Grow NYC. They have a table in the Manhattan Union Square farmers market on some Saturdays. What doesn’t go to homeless shelters is pulverized and used for organic insulation. GR8 idea.

April 22nd is Earth Day. What if we all bought fewer products packaged in plastic? The plastic garbage island in the Pacific Ocean needs to get cleaned up, and one teenager has a brilliant plan.
Some stores around the world are doing pre-cycling. Of course the concept is as old as the first stores. You bring your own bag and containers and fill up on bulk items. Read the article in The New York Times, March 20 Spring Style Magazine.

goodhomephotoIt’s smart to be vigilant about cleaning supplies. Many products have toxic chemicals. Organic is safer. I will happily recommend a company because I can use their products without ill effects. BTW, I am one of those folks who often have allergic reactions to the usual cleaning products. Good Home is my solution.

Chai Wali is a fabulous addition to our neighborhood. I walked by the entrance of this new Harlem restaurant at Lenox Avenue and 124th Street several times. Recently, I decided to stop for lunch. It was a delightful surprise to find true Indian food near our Fat Witch Bakery production site.

Capturechaiwali   Capturechaiwalisalad

I had a wonderful meal of rice pancakes, surrounded by coconut chutney topped with a few drops of peppery hot oil. Delicious! I went back again and took a slight turn from traditional Indian cuisine by having a green salad with chick peas, carrots, and other fresh ingredients. I had it topped with Indian paneer. Their paneer cheese was not to my taste, but the papadum (lentil wafer) was absolutely the best I have ever eaten. I will go back and order a plateful with a side order of cilantro chutney. The background music of American Jazz is lovely. There is an outdoor garden. Oh, and did I tell you their Chai tea is amazing?

CapturelobsterAs you might know, the Japanese are cleaner than clean. At the end of last month, our Japanese partners visited us in NYC. The first thing we did was have American lobster from Maine. It is the best lobster in the world! I will go to Japan in June, and my July Blog will tell of my adventures. There will be much to share.

boywindThe Boy Who Harnessed Wind is an important book. If you are ever uncertain about what you can achieve, erase your doubts. This book contains a message for all of us. Never question your capabilities. Go ahead and do what is needed. I’ve already read the book, but I want to share the inspiration of William Kamkwamba.


Check out your April Witchscope. What do the stars tell you this month?

April is the perfect month to bake. Kahlua Cookies are one of my favorites. I love the sweet and the slightly bitter bite of these treats. Check it out in our Recipe File.
kahlua cookies
Happy April!
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