Random happenings help all of us get through life.

I often take the cross-town bus between my bakery inside Chelsea Market and my apartment in Union Square, Manhattan. The drivers sometimes wait for those of us running to get on after they have closed the doors. It’s random as they can easily turn the wheel and drive away.
I found this honey seller by chance at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. I kinda knew there were beekeepers in New York City, but it never really registered in my mind. Now, I happily contemplate beehives on rooftops in my neighborhood and all over the five boroughs!  Every morning I put a heaping teaspoon of Union Square honey in hot water and drink it as if it is the most delicious cup of coffee. It has helped with my allergies. I am fighting the blooms with the bee honey from the bees who are pollinating the blooms. I don’t care if it is psychological. I’m randomly rolling with it.
These days, most of the time when I eat out, I am heading over to trendy Brooklyn. Okiway in Bushwick (an up-and-coming neighborhood) was my latest excursion to the borough. Their specialty is okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese home-style meal made with shredded cabbage, flour, eggs and whatever is leftover in the refrigerator. It is a favorite of mine and occasionally I make it at home.

I was surprised to find a NYC restaurant that features it. I went with my friend Paul and frankly, I was disappointed. It tasted like cole slaw with bacon on top. Paul was okay with it, saying it was “tasty.” Then again, he had never had this dish before. I will make it for him.
Captureokiway  okonomiyake

This month I plan to read The Indian Clerk by David Leavitt. It is a novel based on a true story about an mathematical genius from India who wrote to someone at Cambridge asking to collaborate. Confession: the laundry room in my building has shelves where you leave your old books and pick up others. This book was a random choice and it looks interesting even though I am far from mathematically brilliant.
Here’s a look a YOUR March.

I bake at home all the time, and I admit to a sweet tooth. This molasses brownie recipe has the perfect sugar boost to keep all of my teeth happy. It will be in our recipe file during March.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
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