I love this wall. It is painted on a building on West 17th Street in Manhattan near Sixth Avenue.
I love New Yorkers who wander away from NYC. They usually come back! Consider Jeffrey Tanenhaus who pedaled across the USA on a fat-tired (yes, that word is FAT) shared bike from Citi Bike. If you’re not from NYC, you should know that for a modest annual fee, you can rent a bike for unlimited trips of up to 45 minutes—any time of day or day of year. Jeffrey checked one out last August and continued biking until he reached California. His blog is worth the read and the photography worth the look. We’re not the first to acclaim his accomplishment. He was New York Magazine’s #8 reason to love NYC. Full disclosure: Jeffrey has done some of our social media for a few years. He is now on to bigger and better things, but it was a great ride.

NYC has local establishments that ya gotta love. Greenwich Locksmith is housed in space about 100 feet square. I’ve been getting keys made there for years. Phil is always friendly and told me recently that a bank is offering him money for the spot. Phil plans to hang in there until he doesn’t want to anymore. Thank you, Phil.
NYC used to have a multitude of stores where you would take your old books, get a nickel for each one and then over-spend taking home many more books. We’ve lost many of these independent stores, but not The Strand, which must own its building! An abundance of books are shelved on many floors. I peruse the cookbook section all the time and find treasures I didn’t knew I had to love.
Capturestrand1 Capturestrand2
Most New Yorkers live in apartments with small kitchens. As a result, we go out to eat a lot. And, when we eat at home, dinner is often bought from a local place. Almost every block has a restaurant or two. Some are run by chefs with investors, but many are operated by folks who love to cook and feed the neighborhood.

rainbowfalafel   Capturehummusplatter
The family-run Rainbow Falafel on East 17th street just before Union Square is one of my go-to places. It is so tiny that you might walk right by it. It’s about the size of a walk-in closet. NO tables, but always gracious service. If the weather is nice, have them pack up the best hummus and falafel in Manhattan and take the container to Union Square Park to enjoy while sitting on a bench.

wocancer   girltrain
I love to read. This month I plan to re-read A World Without Cancer. It has information everyone should know, written by Margaret I. Cuomo, MD. I am also about to start Girl On A Train by A.J. Waines. I hope it is an entertaining mystery to balance serious issues.

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It’s always a good time to bake for those you love. I’m repeating our Red Velvet Brownie in our Recipe File. It’s worth making again and again. Absolutely do the cream cheese icing. You’ll love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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