Most January blogs (including mine last year) talk about body cleansing, diet and re-joining the gym. Here’s to lifestyle changes! In 2016, I’ve decided to make those changes and include a few crazy things.

To start the year on the wrong foot, I’m going to cheat and put in something from last year. It’s great to create a list and immediately X-OUT the first item.

Go somewhere unknown and go alone. In August 2015, I was out of my mind with business decisions. I had lots of frequent flyer miles, so I decided to go somewhere I’ve never been for a long weekend in September. I looked at the Delta map and saw that Halifax, Nova Scotia was a direct flight from NYC and less than 2 hours. Yes, a passport was required. Upon landing, I was thrilled to be pointed towards immigration with “Hello, Bonjour.” Despite my best effort to sound French, responding with “bonjour,” each Canadian government employee answered me with, “hello.” Going to Halifax was a bit like taking the subway to Brooklyn or flying to Portland, Oregon. Everything’s hip, and about to be hipper. The restaurants are amazing with local produce. The seafood is delicious. Beer is craft-local and facial hair is on almost every man.
halifaxmussels  halifax3

I plan to figure out my perfect day of relaxing. And, I plan to make it happen. I am willing to bet my perfect day will be different than yours. I think mine will be sleeping late (8am), a long hot shower followed by a long walk, meeting a friend for lunch, reading a good book or perhaps watching a movie and around 6pm, a luscious dinner of lobster bits and a salad. And, back to bed at 9pm. Just writing this sounds lovely.

My 3rd Crazy will be eating something I don’t think I’ll like. I’m going to try to like kale. It’s supposed to have more nutrients per square millimeter than any other food. In 2015, I thought I would swear off cocktail parties if one more bowl of de-hydrated cheese infused kale bits was placed near the bottle of wine. This year, I will try kale at every restaurant I go to (if they have on the menu). Since New Yorkers eat out a lot, I am going to let myself cave after 3 attempts. And if I like something kale, I might become a better person which is a good thing. If I don’t, I will sit down to write, Anyone Else Tired of Kale?


My 4th Crazy will be to do something I’m sure I can do, but still presents a challenge. I ride #citibikes early weekend mornings on the Hudson River Path. No I’m not going to go on Manhattan avenues with traffic. That would be totally crazy. I will stay on the nice FLAT path with a river view. I am going to head north instead of south a few times this spring. I want to do 6 miles, not my usual 3 miles. Wish me luck.
My fear of heights is getting worse. I can no longer take friends or family to the top of Empire State Building. I definitely have not been to the Freedom Tower. I am going to rent The Walk on #netflix and ask my friend Paul to watch it with me. I am hoping to get over some of my fear by seeing this movie. BTW, Philippe Petit likes Blonde Babies.
poster   blondebabies

I love Jacques Pepin. I love his recipes and his French accent. I’m going to read his memoir, The Apprentice. Also, I plan to download The Mark and The Void by Paul Murray. We’ll see how far I get into a novel with international banking as a backdrop.
book1    book2

Try baking with white chocolate this month. Go out and buy the best you can find and then put on your apron!

Check out Witchscopes and see what January has in store for you.

The Witch </:)
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