Thanksgiving Decisions

November means Thanksgiving decisions. Where are you going to be? Are you going to travel, or are folks traveling to you?
I love the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The only issue is preparation. I didn’t say “difficult,” it just takes a long time. As I’ve gotten older, I do one of three things:

#1 Host the meal
Get up at 6am and put the turkey in the oven. Then putter around the apartment for the next 6 hours setting the table(s) and basting the bird. Other folks bring side dishes. Around mid-morning, I Citi Bike over to our Chelsea Market store to snatch up dessert. I feel as if I am breaking in, even though it’s my bakery. I wonder if it would be called petty pastry theft? panofpumpkinwitches
#2 Go to someone else’s apartment/house for dinner
Bring a side dish and/or dessert and call it a day. Easy enough! I usually am asked to bring dessert. Again, I usually have to go get the Pumpkin Witches from the store before the subway ride.

#3 Go to a restaurant
I know, I know, this is not exactly what the pilgrims had in mind when they prepared a sit-down feast with the locals, but recently it is a viable option. Many restaurants have ramped up their Thanksgiving fare and are serving decent renditions of the traditional meal.
This year, I am going with option #3 with my family across the country in the Northwest. The Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon will be where I am on Turkey Day.

A word to the wise: if you are making dessert and also love cooking with pumpkin (with or without the spices), stock up on the cans NOW. cansofpumpkinThey are usually available only the last 3 months of the year. AND, truth be told, cans of pumpkin puree are fine! I made pureed pumpkin from the actual gourd once and only once… way too much work for this Witch. pumpkins
I am part way through Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I loved the Broadway theatre production. The book is detailed, to say the least. I plan to finish it no matter what. I am poring over Jennifer McHenry’s 5 Ingredient Baking cookbook. Wow, she’s not only a great baker, but also she did her own photography. Impressive!
book1    book2

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Bake and be thankful! See our November Recipe File. 020PecanBar_040

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    1. I’m so sorry you can’t. It is a wonderful gourd to bake with. I am wondering what the US Consulate does at American Thanksgiving. They must have it sent over. The meal will not be complete without pumpkin pie. Next trip to USA, load up!

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