photo1Less than a decade ago, many friends moved to Brooklyn for a better neighborhood experience. Where was I when they were buying apartments for less $$$ than Manhattan?  Prices are now reversed. This Witch is too late to that real estate party.

The borough of Brooklyn has always had fabulous restaurants, but now the choices are beyond fab. This past August, my friend Paul and I ate dinner together a lot. I wrote earlier this year about our amazing meal at Take Root.  At the time, I wasn’t aware it had been listed as one of THE BEST by New York Magazine in 2014.

Here are a few other places we liked:

If you are curious what a local bar was like 100 years ago, go to Brooklyn Inn on Hoyt Street.  No fancy, fussy drinks here… just the basics with one bartender fueling up 20 people sitting on stools. Dark wood paneling and a tin ceiling top-off the century-old ambiance. Read a review here.

The Good Fork  (website) This Red Hook restaurant serves American cuisine with a Korean accent and is perfect for Sunday brunch. I loved their bibimbop.

French Louie
  (website) Their French-American cuisine is delicious. We loved the latest rage from France (probably already passé in Paris) of radishes plated to be scooped up in room temperature unsalted butter and a bit of shaved black olive.
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If you are in lower Manhattan and in the mood for exercise, walk or bike over the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s easy!
brooklynbridgeIf you decide to take the pedestrian route over the East River, step down on the Brooklyn side, turn right under the bridge and slip into the River Cafe (website). If it’s a weekend, cozy up to the bar after 12pm and enjoy what I consider the best Bloody Marys in the City of New York.

These Bloody’s (New York-ese for Bloody Mary) have a quiet bite of horseradish combined with a zip of lemon and a celery stalk. The current bartender, Gary, told me they use the recipe created by the restaurant’s first bartender. Watching tugboats roll by at eye-level is a good way to spend an hour.
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I love heirloom tomatoes.
photo9They are especially delicious at the end of the summer. Maybe it’s knowing soon they are not going to be available ripe off the vine that makes them taste even better. I picked out a couple late in August at my local farmer’s market. I coarsely chopped them along with an avocado, tossed both in freshly squeezed lemon juice, added diced scallions and surrounded the plate with taco chips. Had a Manhattan neighbor over for drinks (Oregon Pinot Noir) and served this guacamole riff.


ThousandSuns   margmead
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I gained a better understanding of Afghanistan. I am half-way through Jane Howard’s biography of Margaret Mead, A Life. She was an amazing woman, but I am getting bogged down with details. Printed in 1984.

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