Every July I point out that brownies are an accidental American invention. In fact, they are one of the few pastries we can call our own. Most of our sweet treats have French or Austrian/German origins.

photo#1No one really knows how this recipe was created. Traditional lore has it that a mother from Maine forgot the baking powder in the chocolate cake she was making for dessert. Instead of throwing out the fallen cake, she served this IMPERFECTION to her children. After many “please make this again, Mom” requests, brownies became a classic American treat. The recipe first appeared in our USA cookbooks around 1918.

Talk about IMPERFECTION, here I am!

First and foremost, I apologize for the Butterscotch Flip recipe in my first cookbook, Fat Witch Brownies. The recipe on pages 116 and 117 does not yield what the photo shows. This mistake was not intentional.

Commercial baking is done with weights, not cups and tablespoons. Translating 2 pounds of eggs down to a 9” baking pan (perhaps 4 eggs?) was the most difficult aspect of writing a cookbook for home bakers. Something went amiss as all recipes were tested before publication and baked at home for the photo shoot. I am assuming that a “first-pass” recipe got into the final version. I was alerted to this mishap by a Facebook message. Again, please accept an apology as it is ultimately my fault.

Here is the correct recipe for a 9” square pan. I baked it several times at home, just to make sure.
During the last 2 weeks in June, I did not cook one meal in my Manhattan apartment. It was drinks here and dinner there. Restaurants ran the gamut from hole-in-the-wall to elegant.  Everything was delicious. Here are a couple of highlights:

I took a friend from Osaka, Japan to Coney Island for hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous.  We gazed at the insane rides, which neither of us would even consider.
photo#3  photo4

I went to dinner at Mozzarella e Vino on West 54th Street.  Nice outdoor ambiance and fabulous wine. The best cheese and prosciutto in NYC!
I was treated to a spectacular meal at The Modern. The Modern is an upscale restaurant inside the Museum of Modern Art. Not only does one gaze upon Henry Moore sculpture while dining, but also the food is spectacular. My starter was white asparagus drenched in a buttermilk sauce and peas for a bit of crunch.
july book coversPlease note that no publisher has ever asked me for a mention or is currently buying advertising space on my blog. If that happens, I will probably say NO. In the meantime, I do read a lot of books, some from best-seller lists, but much more often, books that never made it.

Here’s to finding out about your July – read your Witchscopes!

Here’s to turning on the oven, no matter the temperature outside.

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