Brings May Flowers

If you are in Osaka, Japan May 13-20, please go to Hankyu Department Store. The BEST food displays in the world are on the lower floor. These put Paris and London food courts to shame.  Hankyu also promotes a New York Food Fair once a year, and guess whose brownies are there? Yep, Fat Witch! ST330187
If you are in NYC the first 10 days of May, get over to the Metropolitan Art Museum and catch the Indians of the Plains exhibit. The artifacts are beautiful and displayed with love and care. Capturedrum
Last month I gave a talk at Google in NYC. Yes, it was ostensibly about my latest cookbook, Fat Witch Bake Sale, but really about running a small business. Googlers asked fantastic questions. I’ll tweet when it goes up on Youtube. googleposter
I confess to being a flower snob. I prefer to put the same kind of bloom into a container, be it a mason jar or an exquisite vase. I believe roses work in anything. Captureroses
I am a voracious reader and flattered when people ask what is on my list. I just finished Waiting by Ha Jin. Beautiful story.  I’m enjoying thumbing through Clotilde Dusmoulier’s first cookbook Chocolate & Zucchini.  Much to absorb and I love the Montmartre area where she lives in Paris. However, I put down Paul Harding’s Enon unfinished. I don’t need that many pages about a drunken stupor, no matter how well-written.
I am in the midst of making final plans for our family trip to Glacier National Park in Montana at the end of June. I just ordered Bear Bells online. Yes, you are supposed to wear these when hiking on the trails. Who knew bears were afraid of human noise?
Check out my Recipe File for the best vegan brownies you’ll ever bake.  Admittedly, I was more than skeptical about this diet, until I tried a few recipes. I always thought that eggs were the ingredient that binds batter and dough. I was wrong! It’s flour. So, truth be told, vegan baking is a bit easier than gluten-free. This recipe is fabulous and can be found in my new cookbook Fat Witch Bake Sale on pages 102 and 103.
If you want to know about your May, astrologically speaking, check out

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