Big Apple Love

New York City is a brash and sometimes unforgiving place. On the other hand, there are wonderful aspects that exist in no other city in the world.
themonthofloveHere’s my list of what I love about NYC:

  • More ethnic and distinct cultural groups per square foot call NYC home than any other place in the world. NYC life is interesting and exciting.
  • Eat any kind of food you want, prepared by folks who know best. All you have to do is hop on the subway. In Manhattan, get off on the Upper East Side (East 58th to 86th Streets) and have a French bistro lunch that would make Parisians drool. Keep going north to East Harlem and indulge in Caribbean culinary delights. And just south of Herald Square on West 32nd Street, discover Korean BBQ authentic enough to satisfy a Seoul foodie. Continue downtown to delicatessens on the Lower East Side that serve the best Jewish rye bread and pastrami in the USA. Or leave Manhattan and travel to Queens for Chinese New Year, and belly up to a Cantonese buffet that folks in Beijing would envy. Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn find authentic Italian sausage that would impress a grandmother from Sicily. What’s not to love about diversity of choice?
  • New York City re-invented the local farmer’s market. Many neighborhoods from the Bronx to Staten Island have farmer market days. The produce is expensive (I won’t lie about that), but it doesn’t get any better than just-picked food straight off the farm/orchard in Long Island, upstate New York or across the Hudson River in New Jersey. localfarmersmarket
  • You can eat lunch on the go. From street stands loaded with fresh fruit to food trucks, all you have to do is stand in a short line and grab an apple, order frozen yogurt, get a sizzling pork sandwich, indulge in a lobster roll, and of course, nibble on a hot and salty pretzel topped with mustard.
  • Speaking of on-the-go, NYC is surrounded by waterways. In fact, the Hudson River is still used for commerce. It’s not unusual to see tugboats plying the river. tugboat
  • And the ferries! They are just as important for commuting as for sightseeing; tourists have to jostle with locals to get a seat.

NYwaterwaysBeing a witch with a broom has its advantages – and I like to travel! Here’s where I’ve been in the past few years for pleasure. I just love the distinct memories of each trip.

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • St Thomas, USVI
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Hoi An

On my 2015-16 travel bucket list: Berlin, Germany; Glacier National Park, Montana; Kyoto, Japan; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’ll let you know after I’ve crossed a border.

You know about my travel wish-list… how about yours? Tag us at #fatwitchtravel and let me know places you love!

Here’s a tip of my witch hat to folks I love from afar:

Jacques Pepin – food genius. From Jacques (I hope he forgives my familiarity), I have learned about cooking vegetables. Put them into rapidly boiling water for only a little bit (a little over one minute), then turn off the heat, cover the pot and let finish cooking 3-5 more minutes. Perfectly crunchy every time. Check out @jacques_pepin for more tips. All his cookbooks are fantastique!

Rosanne Cash – songstress supreme. Her ability to touch one’s soul must be recognized. Just listen to The River & The Thread and you’ll hear what I mean. Connect with her Twitter feed @rosannecash or visit her website

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