A New Year

January 1 usually means the start of a diet and the ubiquitous to-do list. Find me one person who doesn’t profess to eat healthier?

Healthy foodies can be show-offs and usually way-too-serious. So, to lighten-up right from the start of 2015, I’ve created an un-serious list. Here’s my list.

Food Factoids

  • If your refrigerator is loaded with green leafy vegetables, you are healthier. Chard and beets in your vegetable bin score points even if you never eat them.
  • Nuts are good for you. Therefore, a lot of nuts are really good for you.
  • Free food samples have no calories. Walk into Fat Witch Bakery inside Chelsea Market and get a sample if we have out on a cake stand.
  • Chocolate is the answer. The question doesn’t matter.
  • Wine counts as a fruit.  leafygreenvegetables

I know I’m an odd New Yorker because I love it when it snows in the city. When it is falling, it is gorgeous. Just think of trillions of six-pointed flakes and each is different. And, for about 6 hours, all is beautiful. Then, of course, when the temperature goes up, it gets slushy, messy, downright dirty and sloppy. I say, let’s enjoy the 6 hours. snowThe cookbook, Fat Witch Bake Sale, came out on December 30. I’m nervous. I’ll tweet @fatwitch when things are happening, and look for your support!


In mid-January, I am off to Japan to get our Tokyo bakery partner rolling with freshly baked Witches (brownies) in the heart of this city. I always feel like a country bumpkin in Tokyo. Much faster pace than NYC! My favorite restaurant is Kojimachi Café. Of course, I will write about my experiences. I don’t get back until the end of January, so my thoughts and photos won’t make the February Blog. Stay tuned for March.

So many folks have asked for our recipes that instead of including on my Blog, I’ve created a link on our home page. I’ll post one each month and there will be an archive. For January, I put up the recipe of one of my favorite bars – Cherry Oatmeal (trying to stay in the healthy category!). Hope you like it and don’t forget to tag us on your #FWmoment (baking or eating or being in NYC).

The Witch </:)