Just Lucky

It’s June and I feel lucky the photography sessions for cookbook #2 are a thing of the past. Every morning we packed up the treats baked the day before and drove to the studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge was horrendous almost each morning, and the rain didn’t help.

photo1The long days were not always what I would call ‘fun,’ but we worked with a fantastic photographer, Alexandra Grablewski and she made it all good.

photo2Setting up for a photo shoot is amazing – at least to this amateur. A “stylist” rents props. Don’t even ask me the details on this. Would a prop shop exist in Nebraska? I am often blown away with the odd-ball stuff available for rent in NYC, and luckily our bakery is in NYC!

photo3 photo4Art directors from the publisher Rodale came out and helped with the cover shot. It may or may not be what is finally selected, but here is the set-up shot before we added all the sweets. Fat Witch Bake Sale is the name of the book and it has my personal recipes.

coverWe don’t do many cookies or any cakes at our store, but believe it or not, I still bake a lot at home. This was an easy cookbook to do, as I opened my box of index cards and pulled out the ones I like the most. It was a lucky break for this book. These cookies are one of my favorites – Milk Chocolate Thumbprints.

photo6I know, I know, I am behind on updating our Pinterest boards. I confess to being overwhelmed with other things and decided to hire someone to do the heavy lifting. More revisions are coming soon, but check out our boards here!

It’s Witchino season at our Chelsea Market bakery. Witchinos are our frozen frosted drink that I must confess are amazingly delicious. They have fewer calories than a Starbucks frappuccino. We post each day’s flavors on our Twitter feed, and usually feature something chocolate (mocha espresso, anyone?) and something else (green tea sound good?).

witchino-poster-webLast but not least, our brownies were in a NY food fair at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan for a week in May. We created a new Baby Witch especially for the sale. Matcha Baby is made with white chocolate and laced with green tea powder. We’re selling some at our Chelsea Market bakery and folks seem to be liking them!


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  1. I don’t usually buy brownies because they tend to be dry. On vacation last week, I happened upon Chelsea Market, which I thought was the most wonderful place I’d ever seen! Fat Witch bakery drew me in. You had caramel samples and my friend told me to try one, because she had and I said I would after inspecting all the beautifully packaged offerings. I finally got around to the sample and LOST MY MIND! Oh my gosh, those were one of the moistest, most flavorful brownies I’d ever had and I’m a sweets fiend. I just placed an online order and you will probably start to recognize my name, because I’m sure I’ll become a regular. Thank you for your delicious treats:)

    1. Hi Katie, so glad you stopped by our store and enjoyed the brownies. Thanks for writing in!

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