Cookbook #2!

At the beginning of last month, I hit the submit button for cookbook #2, or I should say the writer I’ve been working with tapped that magical key. Lucy Baker – with two cookbooks of her own – was fantastic to work with. It’s a relief to clear the first hurdle, but the road to publishing is long and the only certainty is that changes will be aplenty. The new book might be titled Fat Witch Bake Sale, but the publisher has the final say.

So what’s in book #2? Cookies, cakes, bars and, of course, many kinds of brownies. 90% of the recipes are from my personal baking file. I’ve been baking these treats for a long time, but most had to be re-configured for a 9-inch square pan. I just re-tested Sweet and Salty Blondies – it’s one of my favorites and is so easy to bake!


We are starting photography for the book soon. The editor wants a working cover immediately even if it’s not what will be used. We will bake each recipe at night, and the next day haul the goodies over to the photographer’s studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. While the stylist and photographer set up the shoot, I’ll try to keep my big mouth shut. Yet, often I put in my two cents, as it’s hard not to chime in when you are used to running a business and having the final word. I will also be running around taking photos of the photo shoot much to everyone’s angst. Stay tuned for preview pics!

It’s still cold in NYC. Winter just won’t melt away. Like most Manhattan-ites, I eat out often, but there is nothing like something right out of the oven for a Sunday supper with friends. Last week I made a mushroom quiche and bought most of the ingredients at the Union Square farmer’s market. mushroomsThe only difficult part for this witch is making a good crust for a 10” round pan. Shhh… dare I confess that I buy my crusts in disposable foil pie pans at the supermarket? And then it’s 1 cup of half & half to 2 eggs and dump in all the other stuff that there’s space for in the pie pan. I love mixing different kinds of mushrooms with a blend of shredded cheeses. The plated product is lovely with a spinach salad.

quicheI am going to Paris in the middle of the month. Needless to say, I will be writing about this adventure for April’s newsletter.

Best Witches to you for March!